Who we are

Established in 2012; Clenergy MENA is a versed new player in the regenerative market of sustainable energy in the MENA region, with a strong portfolio of partner companies. Clenergy MENA is targeting rapid but steady growth; bringing it eventually among leading players steering and reshaping the face of this market for decades to come. With its young, innovative & experienced management; supported by a high-caliber advisory experts team, Clenergy MENA targets to convert innovative ideas into reality. 

The world we live in is filled with natural resources that would aid in fulfilling mankind's energy needs. Renewable energy resources are a gift that should be properly used and maintained. Let us put hand in hand and make use of this natural gift and leave a positive impact in this world.

The name ‘Clenergy’ represents what we really do; provide solutions with ‘Clean Energy’ and expresses our commitment to fulfilling mankind’s needs using sustainable energy. Our logo is designed to reflect the positive environmental effect by applying clean energy solutions, as well as the abundant renewable resources available that should be made use of. 


Clenergy MENA strives to be one of MENA's most prominent, innovative and recognized influencers in clean energy knowledge and applications. 


Clenergy MENA will excel in the development of clean energy solutions through leadership, enriching customer experiences, adhering to sustainable practices, maintaining constant innovation and delivering quality knowledge.

Core Values

  • Innovate
  • Act sustainable
  • Act ethically
  • Share knowledge
  • Enrich customer experience
  • Think big