Energy Management

Clenergy MENA understands your future need to cope with energy and water management best practices as well as achieving the required balance between mitigating potential impacts of surging utility prices and optimizing life cycle cost of energy and water efficiency investments. Clenergy MENA is your committed and trust-worthy partner that has the required in-house expertise, strong access to a network of energy management and water efficiency experts, as well as out-of-the-box qualified solutions providers. In Clenergy MENA, we keep innovation and customer satisfaction in the heart of everything we do.

To provide you with piece of mind, enveloped with turnkey energy and water management solutions, our approach starts with understanding your challenges and paint points by 'Professional Assessment & Audits' followed by scientific and value-engineered 'Scenarios'. We provide you with necessary support and advise to select optimum scenario that will enhance and strengthen your bottom-line. Our role does not stop here! We will continue to assist you in the 'Implementation' of the selected scenarios by offering our innovative solutions and providing qualified implementation support and resources. We take the extra step by delivering 'Tailored Training Programs' for your O&M staff to ensure that energy and water resources and investments are managed in the most optimum way. Alternatively, Clenergy MENA can assist you to implement energy and water management programs in your facility based on 'Outsourced Performance Contracting' schemes.