Innovative Solutions

Sustainable innovative solutions is part of Clenergy MENA’s corporate responsibility scheme. Clenergy MENA is committed to implement sustainable innovative solutions which serve areas related to the region’s market needs. While working on such ideas, Clenergy MENA is also committed to perform public awareness campaigns through spreading knowledge via various mediums and presenting educational sessions to raise awareness of the necessity of implementing sustainability practices in the daily lives of all age groups.

This has led Clenergy MENA to respect the cultural aspect of camping within the region while providing an innovative feature to implement our sustainability strategy and created a customized turnkey product, as one of its innovative solutions which suits the campers’ interests, while running sustainably by minimizing the environmental impact, running on a clean-power source (solar power), saving energy throughout the life-cycle of the product and getting campers involved with fun, day-to-day sustainable practices. Hence the name ‘Istidama’ (sustainability in Arabic).

Using the Istidama Camper’s Tent in lieu of the traditional camping tent results in reducing energy usage and waste generation by campers, providing higher air quality within the tents, reducing fossil fuel consumption (diesel) to the minimum, reducing CO2 emissions, reducing energy usage throughout the product’s life-cycle and last but not least, assisting campers in embracing sustainable camping and make a difference while having fun!

Further developments are being made to assess the amount of kilowatt-hours saved throughout the product’s life cycle and during camping, percentage of CO2 emissions reduced, quantity of waste diverted from the environment and the liters of diesel saved per tent to quantify the benefits of this product. Finally, results will prove that in addition to the benefits related to sustainability, this product should be more cost-effective compared to conventional methods in providing energy for traditional tents.